Welcome to M1. The teacher is Ms Newman and teaching assistants are MsĀ Hunt and Ms Webb. Independence is actively promoted with all pupils encouraged to make choices that will impact positively on their lives.

Being able to plan and cook a meal from start to finish is an important step in independence. Pupils in M1 are given the opportunity to cook a two-course meal for themselves on a weekly basis; they must choose a menu, list, source and pay for ingredients at a local supermarket.

All pupils study Functional Skills, an English and Maths programme designed to help pupils use and understand these essential skills in a practical way. Skills taught include debit card recognition and use, reading and ordering from menus and planning events, including visits to local attractions. Pupils learn to cost visits and work out distances and travel time. Additionally, pupils will study for an Asdan award in Personal and Social Development at a level appropriate for their learning needs. Modules undertaken include Healthy Living, Making the Most of Leisure Time, ICT, Environmental Awareness and Community Action.

Pupils in M1 have been given a wonderful opportunity to design and complete a sensory garden for the Phoenix House community centre in Sittingbourne. They will undertake additional creative projects such as painting the hallway and creating a photo gallery to welcome visitors.

Through this and other opportunities, such as using the library, pupils will learn to use facilities available in the local community with minimal support.

Supervised independent travel training is an integral part of the Asdan programme and is something we hope to be participating in this coming academic year. Pupils will learn how to use public transport effectively, safely and, eventually, independently.

We hope your child has a happy, productive year with us and learns many valuable transferrable life skills.