Welcome to Odyssey.

The class of 10 is made up of 8 Year 13 students and 2 Year 14. The teachers are: Ms Hamilton, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Ms Harris as Teaching Assistant. On Thursdays and Fridays, Ms Harris is the teacher.

Staff in Odyssey promote independence and encourage all pupils to make choices that will enhance their lifestyle. All students study Functional Skills English and Maths which helps them develop, use and understand these essential skills in a practical way.

Our English topic for the first two terms is News and Current Affairs. Practical Maths skills include the use of money during weekly supermarket trips and telling the time in relation to bus and train timetables. Some students will undertake supervised independent travel training later in the year. This year we have introduced ICT as a core subject for 6th Form students.

Students plan, shop for and prepare a meal on a weekly basis. We are developing our work on Jamie Oliver’s BTEC Level 1 and 2 Awards in Home Cooking Skills. This year students will work in two groups, alternating practical and paper based work on a fortnightly rotation.

On Monday afternoons Odyssey and Quest students engage in a series of leisure activities in order to promote independence and well-being in this area. On Wednesday afternoons students participate in a Vocational programme of their choice. This year we are offering Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Bronze Awards, Business Enterprise, Sports Leaders and Media. They also follow some ASDAN and Laser Learning Awards programmes.

We hope your child has a happy, productive year with us and learns many valuable transferrable life skills. 

Odyssey Functional Skills English

Out topic for this term is News and Current Affairs.  An important element of the English curriculum is Speaking and Listening so please encourage your son or daughter to watch television news programmes or read newspapers and discuss what they have seen or read with them.

Home learning - functional skills - maths