Expedition Class is made up or 10 students (7 in Year 12 and 3 in Year 13). The staff are Mr Powell, Ms Chesson and Ms Philips.

We will be working on Functional Skills (OCR) in Maths, English and ICT, EHCP targets and accreditation through the Welsh Joint Board (WJEC).

We will be planning and cooking a meal each week based on what the students have chosen. Shopping in a local supermarket gives us the chance to pay for things at the checkout, and develop our independence and money skills.

We aim to create a positive and productive atmosphere in class, resolving conflicts by getting to pupils to reflect on what they have done wrong and what they need to do next time.

Throughout the year we will be looking to create opportunities to help students grow in confidence, independence and communication skills as they prepare for adulthood.

Home Learning


This term some students  will focus on English Functional Skills – which includes Reading. Writing  and Speaking and Listening (this is in preparation for an exam at the end of the year). The focus will be the News.

Other students will continue with Welsh Joint Board (WJEC) accreditation doing a module called Getting on with Other People.

All students will be doing regular work on EHCP targets.

Suggested activities

Read the target tracker books that come home each Friday and choose a target to do work on. This could be a reading or writing target.

Give opportunities for students to do a piece of shopping on their own.

Increase opportunities for students to do things independently.


In Maths there will be one group working on Maths Functional skills. This work is presented as a series of practical or real-life situations that involve Maths, and students use their maths knowledge and understanding to answer questions.

The second group will be doing Welsh Joint Board (WJEC) accreditation called Understanding What Money is used for.

As in English, all students will work on EHCP outcomes.

Suggested activities

Look at the Maths targets and see if there is one that you can include in your daily activities, such as reading the time, or ordering, recognising and counting pound coins.

You could set up a simple role play with items from the cupboard, so students have to choose an item and count out the correct money to pay for it.

PSHCE/Life Skills

This term we are learning about Rights and Responsibilities, and beginning a Welsh Joint Board module on that topic. This involves identifying some of our Rights and Responsibilities.

Part of this work involves expressing preferences and making choices and decisions.

Suggested Activities

Identify a simple responsibility that that could be done at home, for example, bringing washing down to the machine at the end of the week, or washing up after a meal.