Expedition Class is made up or 10 students (7 in Year 12 and 3 in Year 13). The staff are Mr Powell, Ms Chesson and Ms Philips.

We will be working on Functional Skills (OCR) in Maths, English and ICT, EHCP targets and accreditation through the Welsh Joint Board (WJEC).

We will be planning and cooking a meal each week based on what the students have chosen. Shopping in a local supermarket gives us the chance to pay for things at the checkout, and develop our independence and money skills.

We aim to create a positive and productive atmosphere in class, resolving conflicts by getting to pupils to reflect on what they have done wrong and what they need to do next time.

Throughout the year we will be looking to create opportunities to help students grow in confidence, independence and communication skills as they prepare for adulthood.

Home learning T3 Expedition Class.



Developing Writing skills. Students will be communicating through writing, usually in response to pictures.  Support will be given in the form of symbols or words, and some writing will be independent.

English Functional Skills:

The theme this term is work, and students will be talking about the jobs that family and friends do. They will be reading simple versions of job adverts and responding to these by saying what skills and qualities they have that would make them suitable for the job. Students will proof read applications and type them up.  Finally, students will prepare for a mock interview, and then take part in it.




Developing Number Skills - Students will consolidate and develop number skills, through counting objects and images, recognising and counting numbers, and doing some addition.

Maths Functional Skills

 Continuing the theme of work, students will develop the use of maths in work related environments, such as cafes, factories or hotels. They will use numbers in practical situations, along with maths operations including addition, subtraction and multiplication.