Safari Class is made up or 9 students (3 in Year 12, 2 in Year 13 and 3 in Year 14). The staff are Mr Burford, Mrs Walters, Mrs Loasby and Mrs Birchmore.

The Students will be working on EHCP targets on Maths, English, Cognition and Communication and accreditation through ASDAN personal progress modules.

We will be planning and cooking a meal each week based on what the students have chosen and new skills which they need to learn and practice. Shopping will be in a local supermarket which gives the students the chance to pay for ingredients, and develop their independence and money skills.

We aim to create a positive and productive learning environment in the classroom. Throughout the year we will be looking to give students the opportunities to help grow in confidence, independence and communication, preparing them for adulthood.

Home Learning

This term in English we are looking at writing skills and also studying Rudyard Kipling's " Jungle Book ". It would be very useful if the students practice writing words. This could be completed by copying words or the following of dotted letters. We are also working on conversations and open talking on topics in the news. It would be helpful if the students watch News items on Television or look at Newspapers and these are discussed. This will improve expression and opinions.

Within Mathematics we are dealing with counting skills up to 100 which will lead on to recognising and using money. When shopping would you please involve the student in payment and ask them what value the coins are.

In all lessons we are encouraging the students to express their feelings, wants and needs. Initially this will be by using symbols but the aim is for expression in words. If there are examples of this happening at home, would you make a note of this in the school diary.