Welcome to M4.

The class teacher is Mr Burford and the teaching assistants are Ms Alexander, Ms Harris and Ms Walters.

This year we have nine students in the class; made up of three girls and six boys. The cohort consists of students from Years 12 and 13.

In M4 students follow an individual study programme, tailored to needs and aspirations. Over the academic year students will have the opportunity to complete ASDAN ( Personal Progress Units. These run on a three year rolling programme so that students have the opportunity to gain independent skills in a variety of situations.  It is expected that at the end of the three years students will be awarded a Diploma.

Students in M4 also enjoy sessions in Functional Maths and Functional English. These will link to real life situations. For example, choosing from a price list, using money during shopping trips and budgeting. The students will also use Cooking skills once a week.

In M4, during the course of the year, students will take part in the SoSAFE! programme.  SoSAFE! teaches the type and degree of verbal and physical intimacy appropriate with different categories of people, and ways of moving into intimate relationship in a safe and measured manner (i.e. meeting people, becoming friends, becoming close friends, becoming boy/girlfriends, and becoming partners). It therefore, not only assists with the prevention of abuse but also provides a vital framework for social skills training and sexuality education.

The students will also be involved in Vocational Options, which include the choices of Duke of Edinburgh Award, Mini-Enterprise and Media Studies.

Sixth form Leisure Options are Art, Baking or Drama.