6th form Community Project at Phoenix House

Pupils in M2 have recently completed a community project at Phoenix House in Sittingbourne. They painted a room used for counselling teenagers and also took part in a gardening project.

Pupils decided to paint the room a neutral colour, but wanted a feature wall. They decided on a cherry blossom tree and an inspirational quote. The tree was projected onto the wall, traced and painted and all pupils contributed- whether it was painting walls, glossing windows or painting coffee tables.

Sara Seabridge, manager at Phoenix House, was keen to give pupils a voice. She listened to their ideas and provided funds so they could go into town to buy the paints and flowers.

Pupils worked hard over two terms and the results were stunning.


6th 16th 2

6th 36th 4

6th 56th 7

6th 86th 9

6th 10

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