Achievement & Progress

Our core purpose as a school is to ensure that every pupil is supported to develop into a confident, resilient and as independent a young adult as possible. To achieve this we are setting challenging and aspirational but realistic targets. Progress toward targets is monitored each term through close analysis of the progress data and detailed discussions in pupil progress meetings. Annual and end of Key Stage targets are set for every pupil. Comparison of progress of pupils in a range of vulnerable groups is closely tracked to ensure no group of pupils achieve less well than others. The pupil group sizes at Meadowfield School are small therefore, where we have identified that one group of pupils may be achieving slightly less well than another, these differences are not statistically significant, but close and careful monitoring of interventions continues to be implemented.

Early Years Outcomes 

End of KS1 Report

End of KS2 Report

End of KS4 Report

Meadowfield Principles of Assessment

Raise Online Report Jan 2015

Assessment recording and reporting:

In  2012 the Government began a review of the National Curriculum. The new National Curriculum came into being in September  2014.  The most radical change was the removal of the familiar National Curriculum levels giving schools the freedom to assess as they wished. At present P levels remain through this academic year.

The Kent Special Schools , who have always worked collaboratively, decided to develop an assessment tool that could be used across all Kent Special Schools. A specification was developed and sent to a wide range of  companies; following presentations by three companies Pupil Asset was chosen as the  preferred company due to their willingness to work with us to develop an assessment tool.

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KASS Algorithm in Pupil Asset