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Meadowfield School is changing it's assessment tool to Pupil Asset.

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Why Change?

In  2012 the Government began a review of the National Curriculum. The new National Curriculum came into being in September  2014.  The most radical change was the removal of the familiar National Curriculum levels giving schools the freedom to assess as they wished. At present P levels remain through this academic year.

The Kent Special Schools, who have always worked collaboratively, decided to develop an assessment tool that could be used across all Kent Special Schools. A specification was developed and sent to a wide range of companies; following presentations by three companies Pupil Asset was chosen as the preferred company due to their willingness to work with us to develop an assessment tool.

About Pupil Asset

Pupil Asset already had an assessment tool in place for mainstream schools.

Curriculum Leaders from all the Kent special schools worked together to develop progression pathways from P4 through to National Curriculum end of year expectations to year 9. The generic P1i to P3ii statements remain.

A data group was set up to develop the underlying algorithm to  map and track  targets and progress. This was based on the progress data from pupils across our schools and was mapped against the Government target setting tool Progression Guidance to ensure that we continue to maintain high aspirations for our pupils in both target setting and progress expectations.  At the end of the first year this algorithm was reviewed and refined , this will be an annual process.

What's Different?

Meadowfield School previously used an assessment tool called B Squared. The tool broke each level descriptor into a series of very small statements, each time a statement was achieved B Squared calculated the pupil's level.

In Pupil Asset the statements are slightly broader enabling teachers to be even more creative in how they approach teaching based on the needs and interests of pupils in their classes. Teachers continue to monitor small steps of progress but they make the judgement on the level of pupil achievement which will be a more holistic judgement.


Pupil Asset targets and progress tracking are based on Pupil Asset points (PAPS). The Data group used real data from pupils in our school to map expected progress from starting points in each key stage. The group have now developed expected progress flight paths so progress expectations can be mapped from the start of each Key Stage.

There is a significant difference in the expectations of the new National Curriculum, the new Year 1 end of year expectations are much higher than the old Level 1. In order to bridge the gap between P8 and the new curriculum the Kent Special Schools have created P9.

To show progress within a level there are six steps, each one has a Pupil Asset value of 1 point, these are:

Beginning, Beginning +

Developing, Developing +

Embedded, Embedded +

On progress reports you will see P6 beg or P7 dev+. Beyond P9 Kent Special Schools are using the word Stage instead of Year for example Stage 1 emb or Stage 2 dev+.

Progress measures are colour coded:

 colour coding



Some reports will add points to the colour spectrum.

100 = expected progress towards target

Points greater than 100 show the number of points above the expected target that the pupil has achieved, points below 100 show the number of points below expected.

What remains the same?

Pupil progress will continue to be carefully monitored with updates six times a year.

Targets are generated in September and checked to ensure for each individual pupil these are realistic, challenging and in line with our high aspirations for every pupil.

Next Steps

As from the start of the 2016-2017 academic year all subjects except RE and Food Tech have frameworks within Pupil Asset which is now our sole assessment tool. The IMPACTS framework is complete and in use for the five areas of learning with the extended communication and cognition almost finalised. Sixth form are moving to using Pupil Asset to track progress in Functional Skills English and maths. There is a well-being framework based on the Leuven well-being and involvement scales in place and as from January pupil well-being will be tracked termly. Over the course of the year staff have plans to develop other frameworks such as Bikeability.

Pupil work is being uploaded to their profile to evidence progress and achievement.

There is a facility for parent log-in to Pupil Asset which we are looking to activate from September, this will enable you to see your child’s progress data and any work uploaded to their profile.

We have looked at the use of the parent log-in to Pupil Asset however in its current form it is not very user-friendly so we are working with Pupil Asset to see how this can be adapted. We hope that the report we generate in Pupil Asset will give you a better picture of your child's progress.

If you have any questions please speak to your child's teacher or contact Lisa Candy, Deputy Principal.


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