Welcome from the Chair of Governors

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

Our Governing Body Constitution consists of 17 Governors:

  • 1 Headteacher
  • 1 Staff Governor, elected by staff
  • 1 Local Authority Governor, appointed by the Governing Body
  • 2 Parent Governors, elected by parents
  • 10 Co-opted Governors, appointed by the Governing Body
  • 2 Foundation Governors, appointed by the Governing Body.

Governing Bodies have a strategic role in the development of the school while the day-to-day management issues are the responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team.  Governors work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the best possible provision for children at Meadowfield School.

Each Governor is a member of at least one Governing Body Team – Resources or Learning and Development.  Both Teams meet three times a year and the Full Governing Body meets at least three times every year.  Minutes of these meetings are available on request from the Clerk to the Governors.

The Governing Body Teams take a strategic role in monitoring the objectives on the School’s Strategic Improvement Plan; monitoring takes place at least three times per school year and the Chairs of the Teams report back to the Full Governing Body meetings.  A detailed Monitoring document for each Team records Governors’ visits and full details of their findings are included in Governing Body Minutes. At the monitoring meetings, Governors look at progress towards targets in each objective, evidence to show that progress, and key successes or areas for development.  Governors analyse the results from their Monitoring Visits, and their recommendations inform the priorities for the objectives in the next Strategic Plan. 

Our current Governors are as follows:

Principal:                                             Ms J Palmer

Staff Governor:                                   Miss D Simms

Parent Governors:                              Mrs D Hancock

                                                              Mrs G Preston

Co-Opted Governors:                        Mrs K Alderdice

                                                              Mrs S Beaumont

                                                               Mrs Y Cherry

                                                               Mr A Martin

                                                               Mrs C Tucker

Foundation Governors:                        Mrs R Kane

Chair of Governors                               Mrs R Kane

Clerk to the Governors                         Mrs K Wilson

In addition to their membership of one of the Governing Body Teams, some Governors have specific roles and responsibilities as follows:

Safeguarding                                          Mrs Y Cherry

Training and Development                   Mrs K Alderdice

Self Evaluation and Monitoring             Mrs K Alderdice

Health and Safety                                   Mrs D Hancock

SEN                                                            Mrs R Kane

Children in Care                                      Mrs G Preston

If you would like any further information about the Governing Body, or would like to contact any Governor, please contact the Clerk to the Governors at (alternatively you may contact the School Office who can arrange for the Clerk to contact you).                                          

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