The staff in Expedition Class are: David (teacher), Sue (TA), Sandra (TA), and Karen (TA). As a team, we like to see the personal and academic progress that the students make as they mature. We work hard to create a positive atmosphere in class where everyone is welcomed and valued, and where any difficult situations are dealt with calmly and with respect for those involved.

Home Learning


Part of the class are working on Welsh Joint Board Accreditation (WJEC), building up credits to hopefully receive an award. The topic this term is Communicating Experiences, and students will be looking at situations and saying what is happening. They will also have to show how 2 people in the same situation might have different views and opinions.

The other part of the class will be working on Functional Skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening. Our topic is the news, so we will be watching news clips and discussing what is happening. We will also write sentences based on what we have seen, with a focus on sentences that can be understood and have capitals, full stops, and connectives such as and/but/so/when/because.

You could help by getting students to read keywords, use TV menus, read signs in the supermarket as well as choose and pay for goods in a variety of settings.


The class will be working on Functional Skills – this means working on maths in real life situations, such as at the shop, café or in a work environment. Depending on their level, students will be using single digit numbers, 2 digit numbers or 3 digit numbers. Calculators are allowed, and students will get extra marks in they can show their working.

You could help by encouraging students to read prices in shops, (for example if they are buying birthday cards) and then finding the correct coin or note that would pay or cover the cost. It might also help if they could read menus in cafes and restaurants, and read the price of the drink of meal.