Welcome to Kingfishers’ class page!

 There are four adults in our class:

Ms T Haynes – Class teacher

Ms G Creasey – Teaching assistant

Ms N Leach – Teaching assistant

Ms L Graham – Teaching assistant

There are nine children in our class who are all in year one.

 Kingfishers are an enthusiastic class who enjoy learning. We have a lovely classroom where each child has their own workstation for focussed work or to use when they want some alone time. We also have a group table around the interactive board where we enjoy learning and achieving together as a class. Kingfishers class LOVE to sing and sign and enjoy sharing stories together. One of our favourite things to do as a class is to get outside and discover. We like to look around and explore in the school’s sensory garden.

 As a team we encourage every child to take pride in all that they achieve in Kingfishers’ class.

 We follow a thematic approach to the national curriculum and have lots of exciting themes to cover this year.


 Things to remember:


PE – Kits will be needed

Buster’s Book Club – Remember to fill in your minutes tonight!


Hydro pool (Terms 1,3 and 6) – Dry towel and costume needed

Library visits – Books need to be brought back in to be exchanged

Buster’s Book Club – Bring in your updated bookmark today.


We look forward to welcoming you into our classroom for our open afternoons!