Welcome to Nelson class.

The form tutor is Mr Xavier. The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Scoble.

Mr Xavier also teaches Nelson for PSHCE and a tutorial period.

Along with the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, Nelson students study a variety of subjects such as Art, PE, Computing, Performing Arts and all take part in PE enrichment on Friday afternoons.

PE enrichment allows students choose from a selection of offsite activities that do not always appear in traditional PE lessons, such as Football and Swimming, as well as onsite activities such as Fitness and Boccia.




With Nelsons class PE accreditation exam coming up during May 2018, the first few PSHCE lessons this term are focusing mainly on Health. Each week, we will be covering either a theory or practical topic on health, which ties in with the “preparing for exercise” unit of their course that they need to be assessed on.

Examples of topics we will be covering are:

How can we lead a healthy lifestyle

How to prepare the body for exercise

Monitoring pulse rates

Dangers of wearing jewellery whilst exercising

Suggested activities:

Discuss with your child appropriate clothing and protective equipment needed is needed for different sporting activities?

Ask your child what sporting clubs are on offer at Meadowfield during the academic year, which ones they could attend and how that could help widen their social circle?

Discuss with your child any safety rules they have learned about to prevent injuries from occurring?

After their PE exam, we will be working our way through each letter and working on a topic based around that word. Week one is Personal, then Social, Health and finally Citizenship. Every four weeks, the process is repeated, using a different topic from each word.

Examples of topics we will be covering are:

Personal- Roles and responsibilities

Social- How relationships affect our lives

Health- Health risks

Citizenship- Citizenship in the UK

Suggested activities:

Discuss what their favourite topic in PSHCE is and what they have learned?



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