What We Are Doing This Term

Welcome to term 4!

This term we will be continuing our topic of traditional and fairy tales. Each week we will be covering a new story which will include: Little Red Riding Hood, the Gingerbread Man, The Hungry Caterpillar, Hansel and Gretel and The Ugly Duckling. Children will be read these stories through sensory resources and themed work activities to help support their language development and themed vocabulary.

Some activities to try at home:

  • reading some traditional tales or fairy tales at home together
  • making picnic baskets to take to 'grandma's house' or to feed the caterpillar
  • making gingerbread men
  • repeating familiar phrases in these stories
  • look in the garden for different bugs or take a trip to the woods for a walk
  • feeding birds with breadcrumbs
  • counting the different characters in the stories and decide who is big, who is little

The Honey Bees team