What We Are Doing This Term

Welcome to term 3!

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Christmas break! This term we will be exploring Fairytales and Traditional tales. Some of these stories will include Goldilocks and the three bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Billygoats gruff, Little Red Riding Hood and more! Our activities will be focused all around our chosen book for that week! The children will be read these stories each week and will be learning through sensory stories with puppets and objects, sensory play, recreating characters from the stories and acting them out in their own ways with props available.

Some ideas to do at home include:

  • Reading traditional tales together at home
  • Making character sticks or puppets and recreating the stories in different and sensory ways
  • Making a character through sticking paper and materials
  • Looking at how many characters there are in traditional tales and their different sizes. Are some big? Are some small?
  • Recreating the actions the characters make such as jumping, chopping, stamping, running, etc.
  • Looking at books to do with forests and woods and the sorts of animals that may live there
  • Do activities that contain a theme in the book such as planting your own beanstalk and watching it grow, bake some cakes together or find a bridge when out walking and pretend to be one of the goats crossing the troll's bridge!

The Honey Bees team