Robin’s class is located in the yellow corridor. The children have access to the key stage 2 playground and have a lovely outside space with lots of resources to help the children learn. Robins class have nurture time upon arrival in the mornings. This consists of; box work, magic breakfast, adult supported paired and group games and dough disco. We have a second nurture session upon return from the dining hall. This consists of free flow, 1;1 phonics and reading with adult supported paired activities. Some of the children follow a personal schedule and some a pictorial timetable to aid their personalised social and academic targets and progression.

Robins class have group sessions and 1:1 learning taking place each day with valuable child initiated learning time. They have sensory circuit sessions daily and a range of learning environments inside and outside of the classroom. The children enjoy a Musical bumps session, with swimming on site this term and PE weekly.

Hydro/swimming is Monday

PE is every Wednesday

Thursday will be Musical bumps sessions.

Home Learning