Meadowfield School Governing Body

The Governors of Meadowfield School work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and staff to uphold the School Ethos and Values and ensure that every pupil and student has the best individual learning opportunity and is able to maximise their development and progress to lead the fullest possible adult life.

The role of the Governors is a strategic one in the development of the school, with day to day management and operational issues delegated to the Senior Leadership Team.

The three core responsibilities of the Governing Body are:

  • to hold the Principal to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils,
  • ensure clarity of the school’s vision, ethos, values and strategic direction, and
  • to oversee the financial performance of the school ensuring its money is well spent.

Additionally, the Governing Body maintains a high focus on Safeguarding and Child Protection in line with DfE guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education”, with Safeguarding being a standing agenda item at every Full Governing Body meeting.

Our Governing Body Constitution consists of 17 Governors:

  • 1 Headteacher
  • 1 Staff Governor, elected by staff
  • 1 Local Authority Governor, appointed by the Governing Body
  • 2 Parent Governors, elected by parents
  • 10 Co-opted Governors, appointed by the Governing Body
  • 2 Foundation Governors, appointed by the Governing Body.

We operate a two Teams system: Wellbeing & Development and Teaching & Outcomes. All Governors attend Full Governing Body meetings and every Governor is a member of at least one Team. Every meeting is minuted by our Clerk and these minutes, minus any confidential discussions, are available to parents and stakeholders by request.

Our current Governors are as follows:

Principal: Ms J Palmer
Staff Governor:  Mr G Taylor
Parent Governors: Mrs A Sequeira
Co-opted Governors: Mr J Candy
  Mrs L Candy
  Mrs Y Cherry
  Mr R Hawes
  Mr J Hymus
  Mr S Keevil
  Miss D Simms
  Mrs T Taylor
  Mrs C Tucker
Foundation Governors: Mrs R Kane
Local Authority Governor: Vacancy
Chair of Governors: Mrs R Kane
Vice Chair of Governors: To be elected
Clerk to the Governors: Mrs K Wilson

In addition to their membership of one of the Governing Body Teams, some Governors have specific roles and responsibilities as follows:

Safeguarding - Mrs Y Cherry
SEN - Mrs R Kane
Children in Care - Mrs Y Cherry
Early Years - Mrs C Tucker
Attendance - Miss D Simms
PSHE - Mrs A Sequeira
6th Form - Mrs R Kane

Our Governors’ attendance at meetings is excellent; full details of attendance can be found in the Governor section of the School Website.

Our Impact

Over the last year we have achieved all targets on our Governor Action plan, including:

  • Active involvement in every aspect of school business, including rigorous monitoring of progress towards targets on the schools’ Strategic Improvement Plan.
  • A restructure of our teams last year has resulted in focused meetings which better address key areas of responsibility.
  • Approved increased staffing levels to meet the needs of our ever expanding school.
  • Attended focused Learning Walks and monitored the implementation of actions arising from these, in particular the 6th Form and Secondary Departments.
  • Overseen the further development of Values Based Education and the Nurture Group.
  • Continued Parent Forum group meetings.
  • Maintained more regular Newsletters for parents and stakeholders.
  • A large group of Governors met with Ofsted Inspectors to answer their questions and assure them of the Governing Body’s commitment to the school, ensuring we retained our Outstanding status.
  • A review of our Governor Code of Conduct and Standing Orders to reflect the ever changing face of education and the role of the Governing Body in holding school leaders to account.
  • Attending regular training opportunities offered by the Local Authority as well as in-school sessions to extend our skill set and knowledge of new legislation and statutory duties.
  • Regular attendance at KSENT meetings to maintain collaborative working within the Trust.

Our Priorities for this Year

In the forthcoming academic year we will work towards achieving the targets on our Action Plan:

  • Maintaining our Outstanding status and continuing to build on our outstanding practice.
  • Ensuring Governance is also Outstanding.
  • Staying up to date and understanding changes to the Ofsted Inspection Framework.
  • Monitoring and overseeing the expansion of the school in terms of pupil numbers and the necessary building works to accommodate our growing roll.
  • Overseeing the safety of our pupils, staff and all stakeholders during the building works.
  • Developing and maintaining a good relationship within the community, in particular our local neighbours to ensure minimum disruption during the building works.
  • Monitoring and assessing the impact and success of the school’s Nurture Group.
  • Continuing with our Learning Walks and encouraging staff and pupil involvement and feedback.
  • Extending our commitment to the KSent Trust and working collaboratively with colleagues from other member schools.
  • Working with school towards taking over responsibility for pupil transport from the Local Authority.
  • Continuing to monitor progress towards targets on the school’s Strategic Improvement Plan by scrutinising evidence showing progress and noting key successes or areas for development, including inviting key staff members to attend meetings and report to Governors.
  • Encouraging Pupil Voice by inviting some of our 6th Form students to join the Governing Body as Associate Members and coming along to meetings, where appropriate.
  • Ensuring all school policies are reviewed and updated and involving parents for their input when appropriate.
  • Continuing to encourage parental engagement via the Parent Forum and any other opportunities as appropriate.
  • Monitoring attendance, with a link Governor working closely with the Principal.
  • Ensuring our website meets statutory requirements and appointing a designated Governor to oversee and monitor this.
  • Monitoring the school’s budget and ensuring financial compliance by keeping abreast of changes to funding arrangements.

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents. Please contact the Chair of Governors via the Clerk to the Governors at if you would

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