Hello and welcome to Kingfishers’ Class page, we are a mixed class of years 1 and 2.

Our Class teacher is Tracey

The other adults to help us in our class are;
Hannah - Teaching assistant
Jaime – Teaching assistant
Pauline– Teaching assistant

In Kingfishers’ class, we try to remember to be kind to our friends by having kind hands. Kingfishers are a tactile class that love exploring and experimenting. We learn through planned play and engaging sensory exploration.

We use symbols and Makaton signs to support our understanding.

In term 4, our overarching theme is ‘The Imaginary World’ where we will be focusing on ‘Fairy tales’ as our main area of learning. We will be learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and we will explore imaginary lands. We will be learning using our senses to explore Jack and the Beanstalk by planting our own magic beans, tasting food and exploring plants using our sense of smell in science. We will have lots of opportunities to use role-play and small world play to develop our understanding. Our sensory exploration will develop our use of language, writing and maths.
We have started our Jack and the beanstalk display. We have worked collaboratively together to create our magical display. We will continue to add to this throughout the term.

We will still be focusing on developing the skills of active listening and attention to support learning.
Our learning will include the use of Makaton, alongside spoken word and symbol support.
We will provide a nurturing environment, where social interaction and skills are promoted, through adults modelling, circle time, feelings visuals and opportunities to be together completing joint activities. We will also focus on keeping safe and healthy, by learning how to wash our hands and keep our environment clean.

Things to remember:

  • Each Friday EHCP diaries only will be sent home, please return them on Monday.
  • If your child has a pair of wellington boots to bring in for days when it is wet or muddy on the playground then please send them.
  • Please don’t bring any toys into school.
  • Please send spare clothes in, we sometimes get messy
  •  PE will be on Thursday so please send in PE kits.

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