Welcome to Kingfishers class page.

We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class primarily for ASD and there are 11 of us in total!

Our Class teacher is Emily.
The other adults helping us in our class are:
Hannah – Teaching assistant
Nikki – Teaching assistant
Pauline – Teaching assistant

We are a very enthusiastic and inquisitive class who love learning through hands-on practical activities. We are working really hard to make sure we are doing good listening throughout the day.

For Term 2, our overarching theme is ‘The World Around Me’ in which we are going to explore and share information about different occupations through adult-led activities.

Whilst this is taking place, we are continuing our learning through a recovery curriculum to ensure we settle back into the school environment having had some time out of school. This is aimed at both recapping and embedding important skills, such as listening and following structured routines. With this will come avery nurturing approach for individuals, with plenty of dancing, singing and structured play opportunities!

Within Kingfishers, we want to focus on promoting positive social interaction and emotional regulation through group activities, one to one interactions, circle time and engagement with feelings boards.


  • EHCP diaries and contact books will be sent home every Friday, please return them on Monday.
  • Please have PE Kits for a Monday.

Home Learning Term 2