Hello and welcome to Ladybirds’ Class page, we are a mixed year 1 and 2 class.

Our Class teacher is Sue
The other adults to help us in our class are;
Jenny - Teaching assistant
Vicki - Teaching assistant
Chantelle - Teaching assistant

In Ladybirds class, we try to remember to do good listening and be kind to our friends. Ladybirds are an enthusiastic class who love learning new things and particularly if it involves messy play.

In term 1, our overarching theme is ‘The World Around Me’ and this will give us opportunities to find out and share information about ourselves and our families. Towards the end of the term, we will be looking at different occupations and this will be guided by the children.

As the children have had some time out of school, we will be teaching through a recovery curriculum. This will give us opportunities to recap and embed those skills, such as listening, attention, following routines or able to focus on the learning activity with an adult or another peer.

Our learning will include signing of routine words and topic words, alongside spoken word. We will use a multisensory approach to embed learning for the individuals and of course lots of singing.

We will provide a nurturing environment, where social interaction and skills are promoted, through adults modelling, circle time, feelings visuals and opportunities to talk together.

Play is particularly important to us, as it builds the foundation skills of learning and social development. There will be opportunities to develop their imaginative skills, as a structured play lesson and also in free time, supported and modelled by an adult.

Things to remember:

  • Each Friday EHCP diaries and contact books will be sent home, please return them on Monday.
  • If your child has a pair of wellington boots to bring in for days when it is wet or muddy on the playground.

Home Learning Term 1