Sunflower’s class is located in the green corridor. We have access to the Key Stage 1 playground and have a lovely outside space with lots of resources to help the children to socialise and learn with a holistic approach to our themed curriculum. We have made a garden area with the children in our space and have chalk boards and trays of different resources to experiment with each day. Some of the children follow a personal schedule and some a pictorial timetable.

Sunflower class have group sessions and 1:1 learning taking place each day. We have sensory circuit sessions daily and a range of learning environments inside and outside of the classroom. Sunflowers has lots of toys, puzzles, a dolls house, role play area and quiet space for the children to access for choosing time. We enjoy Musical bumps session twice weekly with Creative Arts, Scientific Exploration, Wellbeing Afternoon and PE weekly. We encourage the children to wear their own clothes if they would like to for our Dress Down Friday’s.


  • Monday and Thursday will be Musical bumps sessions.
  • Tuesday will be Art
  • Wednesday will be our Scientific Exploration Afternoon
  • Friday morning is out PE day

Please click on the picture below for our Home Learning journal for the current term.

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TAs - Carolin, Lisa & Cheryl