Lower School

I am very pleased to write these few words of welcome on behalf of the staff and pupils of the Lower School Department.

The department presently consists of 20 classes including our nursery. We are fortunate to have a very dedicated and professional staff of 100 all of whom work extremely hard to ensure all the children in the department have a positive experience while in school. We aim to achieve this with a safe, secure and caring environment, where we use positive reinforcement, celebrate every success however small and have fun.

We deliver a rich and engaging thematic approach to the National Curriculum, known as "Extended Impacts". This approach allows the children to build on knowledge, make links in their learning and transfer the skills they have learnt between different lessons. We want our children to be happy to come to school and we provide a range of educational, social and cultural activities that will allow them to flourish. Pupils enjoy a practical approach to learning which supports their needs and enhances their understanding. They have the opportunity to enjoy Learning Outside the Classroom which includes many off-site trips allowing them to maximise their learning by using the skills they have learnt in the classroom.

Further details of our Topics can be found in the class pages. Two of our classes deliver the IMPACTS curriculum for those children with Profound, Multiple and Multi-Sensory disabilities.

The ‘Diamond’ award is presented at Thursday and Friday Key stage assemblies for progress and achievement.

We also have a ‘Splodge’ Bear and Splodge certificate award which is also presented at key stage assemblies to one child who has shown outstanding respect and tolerance during the week by perhaps being kind, welcoming, helpful or friendly for example. Splodge Bear remains in the classroom for a week and the certificate comes home.

Open afternoons for parents will be happening three times per academic year and the class teacher will advise parents as to when their child’s open afternoon is happening.

We actively encourage communication between school and home and offer opportunities for parents to engage and share in their child’s learning throughout the year.

Angela Howe

Assistant Principal

Lower School


Angela Howe

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