Welcome to Hedgehogs Class

We are 9 enthusiastic, happy pupils, who welcome learning new things. Our ages range from year 3 to year 6.

Our current class team is;

Class Teacher:

Mrs Duggan

Teaching Assistants:

Mr Taylor, Miss Swan and Mrs Hughes

Term 1 and 2

Our topic for the last two terms has been Me and My family

We have learnt about our 5 senses where we tasted, felt, smelt, touched and listened to food.

Yes !! We did listen to food crack, snap and no not pop. We then looked at the different types of drinks that were good or bad for our teeth.  We did this by using different eggs, which we soaked in the drinks overnight and saw how the eggs shells changed. (see our gallery for our results)

After we saw the change we then made sure we knew how to brush our teeth after lunch every day.

We also learnt about germs in PHSE where we used paint to see where germs could travel when we didn’t wash our hands, it was very messy and there was lots of paint/germs everywhere so we now wash our hands often to a special song. (see our gallery with our messy hands).

Term 2 has seen lots of fun days, so far we have enjoyed Modern Foreign Languages where we learn about France and tried some yummy French food. We also made our very own croissants. Children in Need was full of activities which included Pudsey’s Quest and a dance a long. We have also celebrated with Julia Donaldson Day where we ate scrambled snake, roasted fox and owl ice cream and made our very own stick men.

We have been looking at money where we have searched for it in the sensory tray and used money in our Class café, it was the most expensive café I had even been too, but the service was great.


In Hedgehogs we are following the extended impacts curriculum, which means we will be learning through practical activities that not only help us remember but are great fun too. We also follow a nurture programme where we socialise with our friends, engaging in conversation, sharing and have lots of calming sensory activities to improve our wellbeing throughout the day.

Each day we are rewarded with Superhero tokens for a daily reward and jumps up our beanstalk and once we reach the top we land on the star of the week. At the end of the week we have a celebration assembly where one of us will bring home the Diamond Award.

Please read the Home Learning for more information on what we are learning and ways to support us.

Things to Remember:

PE on Wednesday please ensure that a PE Kit is in school

Hydro is on Thursdays could you ensure a swimming kit is in school

EHCP Diaries will go home every Friday, please leave a comment and return on Monday

Contact books come home every day please make a note if a book was shared at home

Home reading books will be exchanged every Friday providing the previous book has been returned.

Home Learning