The Secondary Curriculum

Our newly-developed Secondary curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of all students from Years 7 to 11.

With a strong focus on developing key skills for adulthood, our programme of learning follows a curriculum where everything is made relevant and meaningful to the young people and their futures.

The key aspects of the Secondary curriculum are as follows:

The curriculum is broad, balanced and allows students time to explore, deepen understanding, and embed skills for life.

Every student’s development is overseen by a form tutor. The form tutor will spend the first hour of every day with this student in the form group. The form tutor will monitor progress, liaise with parents/carers, and attend any meetings concerning that child, such as the annual Person Centred Review meeting, in which EHCP targets are established and reviewed.

All Form groups are organised ‘vertically’, meaning that each form group is likely to contain students from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. This will allow students to develop a wide range of relationships with peers; older members of the form group will be supported to develop a mentoring role with their younger peers, thus helping all students develop their communication and interaction skills, and a strong sense of community.

Form Time

Form times will involve a number of activities, including:
Daily Magic Breakfast
Structured social activities
Core skill practice (literacy/numeracy tasks linking to students’ EHCP targets)
Wellbeing support
Therapy sessions, led by specified therapists.