Current Useful Information - April 2020

Kent County Council have launched the Kent Together helpline to help those most in need.

During these challenging times, we have seen whole communities helping each other and bringing Kent Together in a time of crisis and need. Thank you!

We want to let those who are vulnerable and who need further support know that help is out there. We’ve set up a central helpline for vulnerable people to get in contact if they need urgent help, supplies or medication.  For more information, please click on the link below

Kent Together Helpline


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The National Autistic Society have collected a series of useful resources that autistic people and their families can use during this time of changes.

National Autistic Society Resources


Message from Swale Food Bank:


Please note that as of today, we will be running Swale Foodbank on a DELIVERY ONLY basis ie we will bring your food parcel to your home. Please do NOT attend any of our centres today - please private message us on our Facebook site or email us on info@swale.foodbank or call us after 9am on 07486 370709.

Please be patient with us as we find a new way of running foodbank to ensure those most in need are still able to access emergency food.

Just a reminder, Swale Foodbank is for those with no money AND no food. We are not a replacement for your usual shopping because you cannot get out to the shops or items are unavailable. It is vital that the stock we have goes to those most in need.

Thank you for your understanding :)




Please click the following link for a social story you may find helpful to show to your children, to help explain the Corona Virus:

Social Story


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Take a look at Parent Info's latest article on looking after your family's mental health when you're stuck indoors

Wellbeing Article


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